Saturday, February 23, 2013

Light Table

Simply because i wanted to clear up some space currently being taken up by spare parts i built a light table. Basically its the front bezel and backlight from an old monitor, a ccfl driver and 12 power supply, a sheet of glass and a leg from an old portable barbecue.


Scrap Aluminum Challenge

While cleaning and sorting through my heap of things i noticed things bits and pieces that fit together. All of a sudden i found myself building a pair of Gatling style hand cannon props out of bits of scrap aluminum, hard drive platters and spindles.

I still have to cut the barrels to length and drill out the holes, had to order in a 16mm drill bit to match the diameter of the barrels. Also i will be trying to get the motors to run, i have my doubts the low torque motors would be able to turn with the added weight but i don't see a problem in trying.