Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crazy Analog Memory

Sadly i recently had to dismember my ancient Tektronics Analog scope, it happened to be manufactured in 1967 and was the first analog storage scope commercially available from Tektronics

Channel one was toast and the tube was quite slow but it did its job for a year after i pulled it from a dumpster along with a few hundred pounds of industrial equipment.

It will be missed, although it has been replaced with a much faster and considerably smaller analog scope and a function generator. I stripped it for parts and scrap aluminum simply because i am moving in a few weeks and could not find a home for it. Lots of dials, switches, tubes, germanium diodes and whatnot inside but there was something that made absolutely no sense, a heavily shielded cable about 2 meters long stuffed inside of a shielded box labeled danger high voltage. It has 2 enameled wires inside tightly wound around a plastic core, i worked out that each wire had to be several kilometers long.

After some pondering i concluded that this had to be what was used for the storage component of the scope. It simply used the length of the cable to provide sufficient delay followed by amplifying the signal and feeding it back into the other end, an analog version of delay line memory.

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